Residential and Commercial Off-Site
Construction Solutions

Doing Essential Work in Better Ways


About Us

Wolfram started out of the need to make construction a more efficient – and more controllable – industry. Our team is comprised of construction professionals, project managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, all who have joined decades of experience in framing and construction with a strategic vision and necessary direction to bring new solutions to an old industry.

Every decision we make at Wolfram – the quality of our lumber, the abilities of our workforce, the efficiency of our manufacturing process – helps us maintain our stringent standards for quality and performance.

Crane hoisting roof trusses onto the unfinished frame of a residential home.

Our Philosophy

With decades of construction experience combined with a business model and manufacturing environment that allows for total project control, Wolfram is doing the essential work of commercial and residential construction in better, more efficient ways.

Wolfram utilizes off-site manufacturing strategies to make residential and commercial construction more efficient. Our construction philosophy, processes, and practices control costs, timelines, and conditions.  


Lower Costs. More Control. The advantages of working with Wolfram impact more than your bottom line.

  • Avoid Weather Delays
  • Turn-key Framing Services
  • Offsite Manufacturing Provides Time and Cost Savings
  • Less Waste
  • Skilled Labor Force
  • Improve Quality Control and Consistency
  • Better Jobsite Efficiency
  • Increased Structural Integrity
  • Reduce Costly Material Overruns
  • Greener Build
  • Faster Installation
  • Use our framing services, or our expert assistance in training your framers
  • More experienced labor means a better quality product


  • Multifamily
  • Apartments
  • Senior Living
  • Hotels
  • Student Housing
  • Townhomes/Condos

An 18-25% reduction in waste on average versus stick framing means lower material costs

A 50% reduction in framing time allows you to move on to the next project more quickly

Additional savings coming from using panels for framing include:

01 | Reduced building time means less interest paid on construction or bridge loans

02 | Faster move-ins means quicker return on investment

03 | Factory conditions = more precise cutting and assembly and fewer reworks

04 | Better quality means less maintenance down the road


Wolfram’s off-site manufacturing strategies protect the construction process and keep projects on track and on budget.


Our Quality

01 | Wolfram uses a better quality of lumber #1 & # 2 grade studs.

02 | Framing includes blocking for cabinets, towel bars, & tissue holders

03 | We make sure that you do not have to search for the panel that you need by organizing the panels in order on the truck.

Our Products

Our Processes

01 | Our saws are linked to an advanced software that allows them to be accurate to 1/32”

02 | We use a robotic layout system that accurately places everything on your slab.  We shoot multiple points on the concrete and our MiTek software squares up the design for a perfect fit.

03 | Our panels are more complete.  When we receive plans, we think of everything to speed along the framing process.  This includes adding blocking for cabinets, towel bars, tissue holders, and even grab bars.


01 | Panels arrive onsite organized properly for maximum efficiency

02 | The first panel in the pack is the first wall to install and right down the line to the end